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Fab Sculptures - by Lydia Tjoa


What buyers are saying...

“Lydia’s sculptures are one of a kind! They are created with skill and imagination. Each piece reflects the character and love of its creator.”

Tamara P.

"Lydia's exquisite work expresses her love for the authentic. My "Midnight in Paris" brings me back to a time when women were women. The grace, beauty and elegance of my sculptured lady displays movement, poise and a glimpse of haute couture from days gone by. Truly a work of art as Lydia only sculpts original pieces."

Lila H.

"Beauty is always in the "eye of the beholder." Lydia's many works of art are born out of passion and an inner search for beauty and esoteric calm that touches the heart. Lydia's subjects are dynamic bringing the viewer, emotions that are pleasing to one's soul."

Jane L

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