The Artist

Imagining & Creating Fab Sculptures


My name is Lydia Tjoa and I am a resident of Oakville, Ontario.  I am originally from the Philippines.  I’ve been retired for about eleven years, having worked as a Registered Nurse in a major Toronto Hospital and also in Montreal, QC.  Prior to emigrating to Canada, I lived and worked in the United States.

I loved my profession but I have been so interested in arts & crafts my whole life.  So how did I get here?

At one of those “One of a Kind Shows” in Toronto, I was captivated by a lady creating a statue with some kind of “muddy” stuff.  Of course, as curious as I am, I started asking questions.  Creating structures from a what?  An old cotton T-shirt?  How versatile is that!  I signed up for a class right away!  I was hooked!  Here I am now fulfilling a passion for creativity.

It’s such a delight to be a part of the Paverpol fabric sculpting world because I find that I can express my creativity and, hopefully, share this joy with others.  It pleases me to see a smile when someone admires my whimsical figures.

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