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All figures start with a wire armature, shaped to the desired position, covered with crunched up aluminum foil and then wrapped in strips of cotton T-shirts, old scarves, sheets, or practically any fabric with the exception of polyester and/or plastics.  Sculptures are dry-brushed with acrylic paint after drying; if desired.  Outdoor sculptures are well varnished and will withstand rain, snow and heat for many years.

Yes, I do! I would love to collaborate with you and make your envisions into a piece of art. If you are thinking about a commission, please contact me and we can take it from there to connect on what you are hoping to see. 

Each sculpture is created using a combination of the materials below:

  • aluminum foil to shape and form the figure
  • cotton T-shirts, old scarves, sheets, or any fabric with the exception of polyester and/or plastics to shape the sculpture and bring personality to each creation
  • “Paverpol” hardener (see next FAQ for more info) to harden the sculpture so that the creation can be put outside, withstand rain, snow, and heat (for many year!)
  • wrappers to give the look of smoother skin on the faces and outfits for a different texture
  • Paverplast and Paversand to add more texture to enhance the figure
  • stockinette to enhance individuality in each creation 

Paverpol is water-based textile and decoration hardener.  It’s safe for both humans and animals.  It adheres to almost anything with the exception of plastics.  The product is eco-friendly with a global safety hallmark.

Paverpol International was founded and owned by a Dutch couple, Jossy and Jan de Roode (1997 – 2014) and is now owned by Ed and Brigette Broekmeijer.

The company has a “safety seal” in both Europe and North America.  The American AP Safety label is known as the best worldwide.

Great question. As each figure is individual, and they come in varying sizes, they differ in cost ranging from $120 to $250 depending on the piece. If you’re curious about a price tag, or are thinking about commissioning a sculpture, please get in touch with me at the info below. 

Yes! I can ship your sculpture to you, wherever you are! I just ask that you pay the shipping cost in addition to the cost of the art itself. That’s it, and it’s on it’s way to you!

Yes! Every creation is an original and one-of-a-kind piece. No two figures will ever be the same, making each figure unique, individual, and special. 

If you have more questions, please reach out to me using the information below, or submit the form and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

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