Gallery of Fab Sculptures

Welcome to my gallery of Fab Sculptures! I hope that you will find a sculpture that you absolutely love.  Please keep in mind that every piece is individually crafted and may not be exactly as shown.

If you feel drawn to a figure and would like more information/more pictures¬†please reach out to me and let’s chat! I look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to create a piece just for you!

Dancer in White

Baker on a Bike

Bicycle Lady (Green) *SOLD*

Boy on the Moon

Bike Lady w Flowers *SOLD*

Blue Heron

Bicycle Lady (Red) *SOLD*

Witch on a Broom

Wedding Day *SOLD*

Scarf Lady *SOLD*

Relaxing on a Vine *SOLD*

Lady in Green *SOLD*

African Queen

Bicycle Lady with Flowers *SOLD*

Lady Dancer

Olive with a Fan

Ginette (Crochet Lady) *SOLD*

Melanie (Elegant Lady)

Mama & Child

French Lady Josephine

Circle of Friends *SOLD*

Man on a Swing *SOLD*

Wine Bottle Decor *1st & 4th SOLD*

Lady on A Hot Summer Day

Marilyn Munro

Half Lady Figure

Froggie Yogi

Resting Lady in White

Bronze Lady

African Lady

Bicycle Lady (Blue) *SOLD*

Abigail (Elegant Lady)

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